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The Serengeti National Park

May 16th, 2014 at 09:05 am in Eastern Africa
Serengeti National Park is an amazing wildlife sanctuary located in Eastern Africa. Its beauty and bounty cannot be compared to anything and the tourists are really left spell bound by the sheer wonders of nature unfold before their eyes. Sprawling over an expanse of 12, 950 square kilometers, the Serengeti National Park aptly suits its name which roughly translates to “extended place” in Maasai the local language  [...]

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  • The Serengeti National Park
    Serengeti National Park is an amazing wildlife sanctuary located in Eastern Africa. Its beauty and bounty cannot be compared to anything and the tourists are really left spell bound by the sheer wonders of nature unfold before their eyes. Sprawling over an expanse of 12, 950 square kilometers, the Serengeti National Park aptly suits its name which roughly translates to “extended place” in Maasai the local language of Tanzania. The massive expanse enables them to maintain diverse habitats which are conductive to the lifestyle of a variety of exotic birds and animals. The entire area had originated out of a volcanic activity which was later transformed due to the continued efforts of the forces of nature such as the sun, rain and breeze. Presently it is home to many tiny rivultets, lakes as well as swamps. All the areas are  [...]
    Posted at May 16th, 2014 at 09:05 am in Eastern Africa
  • Travel Delights from Ganvie
    Ganvie in Benin is a beautiful destination to be in, during tours to Western Africa. This unique destination is located on the Lake Nokoue and just around an hour from the city of Cotonou the largest one in Benin. Around 20,000 people used to live here in beautiful surroundings. Generally, it is believed that the Tofinu people used to live here some four centuries back. They built this village on a lake and used it to escape from the slavers who used to come here in search of them. These slavers were not allowed to fight in water so the lake village prevented them from fighting. Tofinu were thus safe to get their own homes on water. It is thus called the Venice of Africa. It may sound a little clichéd as it is not really so yet it can be so called. Ganvie des not have a very friendly population yet tourists find them quite interesting  [...]
    Posted at March 4th, 2014 at 11:03 am in Western Africa
  • Garden Route Tours in South Africa
    Garden Route is an amazing place in South Africa, which lies on the southern coast lying to the east of Cape Town extending from Mossel Bay to the Storms River in the north. Bordered by Quteniqua and Tsitsikamma it has the enchanting Langekloof Mountain in the north and has the charming Indian ocean in the south. Tourists enjoy visiting the Tsitsikamma National Park and the Knysna and Wilderness Wetlands. They also go round the beaches to experience the thrill of being on those hiking trails, which are a perfect treat for the adventure lover. There are other activities like sailing, watching, and golf which provide ultimate luxuries to all. The entire area is filled with scenic charm that is unbeatable and the charming and enchanting towns lying along the way add to the beauty. With a mild climate, the place is comfortable and  [...]
    Posted at February 3rd, 2014 at 08:02 am in Southern Africa
  • Qarafa the city of the Dead
    The City of the Dead is a beautiful necropolis in Arabia and has a great collection of visual delights and cemetery pleasures. Lying in the southeastern part of Cairo, this is truly a lovely place to visit in tours to Northern Africa. It is a huge collection of tombs and mausoleum structures and is a unique destination where we can see people living amongst the dead. Some of the residents are ancestors of ancient lineage and there are many who live here after being forced to move from central Cairo due to some renewal of urban demolitions and urbanization pressures. This is a true example of migration from rural to urban migration in this least economically developed country. The City of the Dead has the poorest people living and it is also called the Garbage City and is the main centre of being reused by Zabbaleen vendors. This  [...]
    Posted at January 16th, 2014 at 08:01 am in Northern Africa
  • Travel Ecstasies in Lake Nakuru
    Lake Nakuru is a place that is renowned for the best in Eastern African tours. Providing the best travel pleasures this is surely a famous place which provides you with ideal tour delights. With the alkaline waters, bordering the entire region it is famous for being one of the best African parks in the world. This was in fact a bird sanctuary situated at the southern end of the lake. With the Kenyan Government supporting the world wildlife fund ventures, this slowly became a protected area and by the year 1964, it became an area that was just more than a travel spot. Nakuru town is around 4 kms from the park and is the fourth largest city in this country and is not only visited by foreigners but also by the local Kenyans. They have been visiting the park in large numbers with the visitors peaking at maximum in the year 2007. This  [...]
    Posted at January 1st, 2014 at 10:01 am in Eastern Africa
  • Gorilla Tours in Southern Africa
    Southern african tours are filled with delights of a wonderful journey down the beautiful forests here thus providing ideal delights and travel pleasures. Take back with you memories of a beautiful landscape that surely enchants the tourist and gives the pleasures of a wonderful tour. Known for its luscious greenery and beautiful mountains and hills, which make up tours here, the simple delights of a fascinating land, makes travels here very ecstasic. Add to this the fascinating Virunga volcanoes and the lovely Kisoro valley and you have ideal gorilla tours in beautiful Africa. Gorilla tours usually start by a travel by car from and then you would be taken to enjoy the tracking facilities. Once you have spotted the gorillas you would be then taken to spot more. Being physically fit is very important for such tours. Sights of gorillas  [...]
    Posted at December 23rd, 2013 at 11:12 am in Southern Africa
  • Tours in the National Bardo Museum
    Tunisia is very famous for the exquisite structures and beautiful constructions and is a favourite of many tours in this part of the world. The National Bardo Museum is a lovely place to visit and is popular for its beautiful collection of mosaics, seen in the many rooms of the museum and they are very carefully arranged. This celebrated museum has a history of the past and has a great collection of Roman sites in Tunisia. Dating back to the 13th century it was called the Hafsid Palace and was again rebuilt in the 17th and the 18th centuries during the rule of the Husseinite Beys who ruled over the place at that time. The National Bardo Museum is a Roman museum and has some of the most beautiful exhibits that show a lot about the life in the prehistoric era. The first floor has the most fascinating collections of Islamic rooms  [...]
    Posted at December 2nd, 2013 at 11:12 am in Northern Africa
  • Enjoyable Tours in Dar Es Salaam
    Visiting Southern Africa could not have got better in tours to Dar Es Salaam, which was discovered in the year 1862 by Sultan Seyyid Majid of Zanzibar in the Mzizima village. Going back in history this place has had inhabitants like the Barawa people who began to settle here and have their own cultivation and development in the regions of Mbwa Maji, Mjimwema, and Kibonde Maji etc. Today the origins of Dar Es Salaam have been dominated by a group of sultans, the British and the Germans. The city earlier began as a fishing village sometime in the middle half of the 19th century and today it is the largest city in Tanzania. It has become one of the most important centres of trading, ports, and fascinates the tourist’s eyes providing the best of travel luxuries. This enchanting destination has a great mix of Muslim, South Asian and  [...]
    Posted at November 20th, 2013 at 05:11 am in Southern Africa
  • Tour Ecstasies at Sine-Saloum in Senegal
    Visit the beautiful land of Western Africa and take back with you wonderful tour ecstasies and travel delights. Ensconced in the beautiful background of Senegal, Sine-Saloum is a lovely place to visit. Situated to the north of Gambia and the south of the Petite Cote, this is an enchanting destination for all who love to have some adventure and excitement in their tours. The western part of this region has the Saloum delta, which is a river delta at the confluence of the North Atlantic and the Saloum. The Saloum Delta National Park is located here and it has been designated a UNESCO Heritage site since the year 2011. The delta has a lot of saltwater due to the slow flowing nature of the river. It is believed that there were two kingdoms existed by the name of Sine and Saloum. In the year 1984, the region was divided into two regions  [...]
    Posted at November 8th, 2013 at 04:11 am in Western Africa