Mauritius honeymoon

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Mauritius is one of the last beautiful paradises left on earth. The name itself brings to mind beautiful beaches with heavenly white sands and crystal clear azure waters, with swaying coconut trees, constant breezes and all the works. The sun shines here through out the year, and it is simply no surprise that the island is host to a huge number of travelers from all over the world who come here in search of the pristine beaches.

The island of Mauritius is also one of the best and most popular honeymoon spots ever. A Mauritius honeymoon is simply stuff for dreams. The best time to visit the island is every time, and if you have someone special with you at the time, there is simply nothing like it.

It is not without reason that the island of Mauritius was loved by one and all since ages. It was Mark Twain that described the beauty of the island of Mauritius with the words to the effect that God made Mauritius first, and then looking at it and taking pointers, He created heaven.  Well, come see the island once, and you will be hooked for life, because that is exactly what happens to most that set their eyes on the island, they fall in love.

There are a number of destinations within the island of Mauritius where you can go to as you go on a Mauritius honeymoon tour. The top destinations in the island are Port Louis, Grand Baie Beach, Ile Aux Cerfs, tom name just a few. Make sure you do not miss these locations in the island by any chance. There is no dearth of quality here.

Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius, and is home to a variety of scintillating attractions. The city is visited by hundreds of thousands of honeymooners and couples on a holiday.

There are a number of luxury hotels and resorts located here that cater to the ever increasing demand from tourists for quality accommodation here. There are a huge number of activities as well on offer. You can take in some culture too while on a Mauritius honeymoon.

Grand Baie beach is another top destination in Mauritius, and one that you should miss at no cost. The charm of the village that Grand Baie once was is still there. Peace and privacy are the loveliest aspects to Grand Baie.

Ile Aux Cerfs is certainly as close to paradise as anything on Mauritius islands. The island of Ile Aux Cerfs is one of the most fun destinations you should go to when on a Mauritius honeymoon.

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